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Oakland Metal Fab

Industrial Metal Fabrication

Monterey Mechanical's industrial fabrication and installation capabilities are recognized for their excellence in the industry.

We fabricate and install prototype and custom machinery for the food, pharmaceutical and process industries from all types of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, fiberglass and specialty materials such as monel, copper, terne plated stainless, brass and PVC coated steel.

Our 10,000 square foot shop in Oakland California operates on the average with 35 full time skilled mechanics and is tooled around our 12 foot x 1/2" plate shear, our 300 ton press brake and our 8 foot plate rolls. We offer our customers the precision of two computer controlled plasma arc fabricating centers for the production of metal parts. We fabricate parts from materials as thin as 20 thousandths to as thick as 2" plate.

In addition, we fabricate, assemble and install tanks, chutes, platforms, handrails, material conveying systems, industrial HVAC and any other fabrications required by our customers.








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