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Organization and Personnel

We have three executive managers, of which two are registered engineers in California. The Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer perform a variety of management duties necessary for the overall company success. Along with the executive officers, we have division managers who directly oversee the operations of our different divisions - general engineering, piping, metal fabrication, equipment installation and industrial maintenance.

Our core of estimators and engineers, including several California registered civil and mechanical engineers, have a variety of education and experience in mechanical and civil estimating, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, pipe detailing and equipment installation. They interface closely with our project managers through the setup phase of our projects.

At the heart of our construction projects are our project managers who are directly responsible for the project's management and supervision. They operate at our main office for smaller projects, or at the jobsite for larger projects. These managers work closely with the client, our project superintendents and key trade foremen.

Our nucleus of over 20 superintendents and key trade foremen are experienced and skilled in the supervision of our various trade activities for civil and mechanical work. Their expertise includes earthwork, sheet piling, concrete structures, equipment installation, piping fabrication and installation, metal fabrication and installation, including system testing and startup. Our foremen work directly with our tradesmen.

We employ 200 to 400 skilled tradesmen depending on the need of our current projects. We are a union contractor with labor agreements with most of the general and specialty trades.


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