Monterey Mechanical is a California corporation founded in the heyday of World War II

We have built our legacy on the California coast since our start as Monterey County Plumbing in 1942. Work in the early years focused on construction activity to support military base build-up supporting the war effort.

In 1946, we relocated our headquarters to Oakland and the company became a primary subcontractor of the Stolte Company. At that time, work primarily involved plumbing, HVAC, and utilities for non-residential building and infrastructure projects throughout Northern California.

In 1956, our firm name changed to Monterey Mechanical Company. In 1968, we were the mechanical subcontractor for the Oso Pump Station, a large Department of Water Resources pump station built to deliver water into the Los Angeles basin as part of the DWR aqueduct system.

By the mid 1980s, Monterey Mechanical was performing work as the prime contractor on public works projects throughout the Bay Area. In 1989, we constructed the $44-million Sobrante and Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plants Ozone Facilities for East Bay Municipal Utility District. These plants were two of the first ozone water treatment plants built in the state.

In 1996, Monterey Mechanical expanded its metal fabrication capabilities with the acquisition of Contra Costa Metal Fabricators (CCMF). Located in Concord, CA, CCMF specializes in custom industrial and specialty metal product fabrication and installation.