Brentwood Water Treatment Plant
Sunol Water Treatment Plant
Novato Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion & Upgrades
Oro Loma Water Pollution Control Plant
SFPUC Southeast Plant Primary & Secondary Clarifier Replacement
EBMUD Digester Upgrade – Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade – Phase 1
North Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility
Thermalito Pumping-Generating Plant Fire Restoration
Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer Station (SMaRT Station)
SFO Fuels Storage Facility
Clean Energy Fueling Facility at SFO
Sims Metal Management Maintenance and Emergency Repairs
HVAC Control Dummy 2
HVAC Control Dummy 1
Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant
Auxiliary Water Pump Station No.1
Whittier Elementary School
Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility
Reactor Distributer Fabrication
Aluminum Drum Shaft Guard
Custom Award Trophies
Transfer Hopper
Stainless Steel Counters
Stainless Steel Expansion Joints