Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant

Location: Sacramento, CA

Owner: Sacramento County Water Agency

Contract: $7.2 Million

Role: Subcontractor

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Result and Benefit to Client

Monterey Mechanical used creative problem solving to deliver this challenging project on time and within budget.

Project Description

The Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant project involved construction of a new 50mgd water treatment plant and associated facilities. Treatment facilities included coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorine disinfection and solids handling. There was also a 35,500-sq. ft. administration and operations building.

Monterey Mechanical’s scope of work included construction of all architectural sheet metal and HVAC systems. Services were provided as a subcontractor to Balfour Beatty Infrastructure.

Challenges | Solutions

Creative problem solving on the Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant by Monterey Mechanical staff enabled resolution of critical construction challenges and completion of the project on time.

To overcome the site’s rural location not providing adequate dry storage area for materials, Monterey Mechanical required the delivery of all equipment and materials in closed or covered trailers, which provided storage and eliminated double handling.

To resolve the challenge that various work areas were spread over many acres, Monterey Mechanical developed a strategic materials-staging plan and equipment schedule that was strictly enforced.

Monterey Mechanical’s creative solution for installing the very large air handlers on the second floor was to procure the equipment earlier than initially planned, and lift them by crane into the second floor before the roof was installed on the building.