Construction Services

Full Service Construction

Quality Construction Begins with Quality Thinking

Monterey Mechanical Company provides full-service construction for public and private clients. No project is too large or too small. Our projects span the San Francisco Bay Area and California, as well Colorado, Alaska, Nevada, and Micronesia.

Our core business is as a general contractor specializing in the construction of large industrial projects that include water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, chemical facilities, power generation plants, and other complex industrial facilities.

We also have expertise with in-house departments for fabrication and installation of metals, structural steel and process pipe systems, as well as HVAC and odor control services. In in addition to new project construction, Monterey Mechanical helps clients retrofit, repair, expand and upgrade existing plants and facilities.

Our unique ability to manage and self-perform complex work has established Monterey Mechanical as a leader in the industrial and municipal markets. Our hands-on construction staff are passionate about helping our clients construct the best project possible. They are always looking for innovative ways to make small and large improvements, advance the project schedule, and save the client money. Quality, along with safety, is always at the forefront of their approach to daily construction tasks.

Our services include cost control and budget management, project collaboration and team building; schedule management for all project phases; and value engineering and constructability recommendations. We generally self perform earthwork, dewatering, structural concrete, pipe fabrication and installation, steel erection, HVAC, process equipment and conveyer installations including start-up and testing. We often subcontract specialty trades including reinforcing steel, painting, paving, architectural features and electrical work. We employ skilled tradesmen including carpenters, millwrights, plumbers, pipefitters, operating engineers, sheet metal workers and laborers.

We maintain our own fleet of construction equipment suitable for our work. This fleet includes trucks, cranes, excavators, loaders, forklifts and other necessary support equipment. Construction equipment is repaired and maintained in a fully equipped mechanic facility in Oakland. In addition, we have the necessary mobile equipment for on-site maintenance of equipment.

Major construction projects can involve dozens of subcontractors and suppliers, hundreds of workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services. Successful delivery of these large projects demands a combination of the right experience; the right expertise; the ability to manage schedules, budgets, and people; and a commitment to provide first-rate services to assure deliver a quality project on time and within budget. Monterey Mechanical has excelled at this for 80 years, on both large and small projects.