Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility – Cogeneration Upgrade Project No. 7508

Location: Hayward, CA

Owner: City of Hayward

Contract: $9.5 Million

Role: General Contractor

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Result and Benefit to Client

The project was delivered safely, on time and within budget, and with zero claims. The reliability and efficiency of equipment helped the City of Hayward rank ahead of Google on the EPA’s list of Green Power Partners (based on percent of green power used). https://www.epa.gov/greenpower/green-power-partner-list

The project also received sustainability awards from the League of Cities. http://www.ca-ilg.org/post/beacon-award-winners


Methane gas was used to generate 100% of the power used to operate the treatment plant. The co-generation system is designed to meet new, strict emissions requirements imposed by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The system removes hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes from the biogas prior to use by the plant’s cogeneration and boiler equipment. The innovative technologies protect the system from harmful gas and ensure clean air standards are achieved.

Project Description

Monterey Mechanical was the general contractor for a new 1 MW cogeneration engine-generator, remote radiator, heat recovery and exhaust system, and a gas conditioning system that removed hydrogen sulfide, siloxanes, and moisture from the digester gas.

The fully functional cogeneration system produces electricity and heat from the treatment plant’s use and is approved by PG&E interconnection and as part of the Self-Generation Incentive Program requirements. Monterey Mechanical procured and installed the cogeneration engines.

Project elements included:

  • Pipelines, duct banks, and other utilities
  • New cogeneration building with interior mezzanine and electrical, control, and storage rooms and building ventilation system
  • Connection of new heat recovery system to existing plant hot water piping
  • Connection of new digester gas conditioning system to existing digester gas piping
  • New cogeneration switchgear, motor control center, programmable logic controller and vendor control panels
  • New 480-volt to 12-kilovolt transformer and tie in to the existing power distribution system
  • Fully functional gas conditioning system that conditions digester gas for the new engine generator system operation
  • Health and safety systems
  • Fully functional SCADA system

Challenges | Solutions

There were two primary high-risk challenges on the Water Pollution Control Facility – Cogeneration Upgrade Project. The first was that the complexity of the project increased the risk of claims. The second challenge was a hard completion date for production of power so the City could receive a grant from PG&E under the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).

Monterey Mechanical engaged all critical project stakeholders in weekly scheduling and coordination meetings.  These meetings fostered strong teamwork by identifying and resolving issues in the best interest of the project, and not individual stakeholders.

We developed a detailed work schedule and closely monitored work performed, and the quality of the work, each day.

Awards and Commendations

California Water Environment Association

CWEA Engineering Achievement of the Year Award, 2016

Institute for Local Government

The Hayward Water Pollution Control Facility Cogeneration Upgrade Project contributed to the City of Hayward winning multiple League of Cities Silver Beacon awards for addressing climate change.

2017 Gold Beacon Award

- 21% Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions
- 43% Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions
- 25% Energy Savings
- 10% Natural Gas Savings
- Platinum Level Award in Sustainability Best Practices

2015 Silver Beacon Award

- 25% Agency Energy Savings
- 8% Natural Gas Savings
- 21% Community Greenhouse Gas Reductions
- 43% Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions
- Gold Level Sustainability Best Practices