Brentwood Water Treatment Plant

Location: Brentwood, CA

Owner: Contra Costa Water District

Contract: $41.3 Million

Role: General Contractor

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Result and Benefit to Client

The Brentwood Water Treatment Plant was delivered four months early saving the City of Brentwood hundreds of thousands of dollars by enabling them to use the plant during the peak water demand season and reduce their water purchases.

Project Description

New Title 22 project for a 16 MGD water treatment plant consisted of a raw water pump station, flocculation and sedimentation basins, filter basins, ozone contactor, treated water storage tank, chemical facility, operations building and SCADA control system. The project included 53,000 cubic yards of excavation, 56,000 cubic yards of backfill, 6,000 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete, installation of over 40,000 lineal feet of piping, installation of process equipment, and installation of electrical & control systems.

Challenges | Solutions

Just before construction began on the new 16 MGD water treatment plant, the Contra Costa Water District said they hoped Monterey Mechanical could pull a rabbit out of the hat and substantially complete the project ahead of schedule, which would be an extraordinary achievement considering the agreed-upon budget and schedule.

Monterey Mechanical stepped up to the plate enthusiastically stating that all efforts would be made to deliver the project early despite the already challenging schedule to meet the water needs of the City before the peak demand period. We revised the construction approach and partnered closely with the Contra Costa Water District (CCWD), the City of Brentwood, design firm Camp Dresser & McKee, Central Sierra Electric, Meyers Controls, and Vali Cooper and Associates. We implemented collaborative problem solving and addressed issues without blame or finger-pointing.

The client got their wish with an outstanding project delivered four months early with no change in scope or budget. A number of innovative solutions were successfully implemented by Monterey Mechanical. To eliminate wasting water produced by the plant during the initial testing phase, we initiated a test procedure that allowed the water to be recirculated through the plant prior to releasing it to the treated water storage tank. This allowed the plant to meet stringent testing requirements using one batch of water and sending that water into the City’s drinking water system, which eliminated all wasting of water during testing. We also proposed an innovative piping system for the chemical injection system that was adopted by the design engineer and resulted in a low-maintenance and leak-free system.

The Director of Public Works and Assistant City Engineer, said, “It is certainly a true example of Excellence in Partnering.” CCWD’s Dan Owre said, “We are extremely pleased with the results of this partnership and look forward to using it as a benchmark to measure the success of future projects.”

Representatives from both the CCWD and the City of Brentwood stated the project was one of the best they had ever been involved with. They said the partnership set lofty goals and achieved them all, and that enhancements requested by plant operations staff were incorporated cooperatively and efficiently with a low change order rate of less than 1%. (The industry average for projects of similar magnitude is between 6% and 8%.)

Awards and Commendations

Constructor Award for Innovation in Construction Techniques

Finalist 2009, Associated General Contractors of California

Constructor Award for Excellence in Partnering

Finalist 2009, Associated General Contractors of California

Project of the Year Award - Infrastructure

Over $20,000,000, 2009, Construction Management Association of America – Northern California Chapter

Paul Eldredge, P.E.
Assistant Director of Public Works
City of Brentwood,

“I have worked on several largescale partnering projects and would not be exaggerating to say [the Brentwood Water Treatment Plant] was by far the best partnering project I have had the privilege to be a part of. It is certainly remarkable for this $56 million partnering project to be

Peter Schoemann, PE
Director of Operations and Maintenance
Contra Costa Water District

“As the project manager for the Monterey Mechanical team and key player during the construction phase, your leadership was instrumental in the overall project success.” He went on to say that when Monterey
Mechanical was added to the team, the project really took off.

Jon Toyoda, PE,
Camp Dresser & McKee

“In my 30 years of work in water and wastewater treatment engineering and construction, this project is the best example I have seen of teamwork by all parties involved in the project. It is my personal opinion that the majority of the credit for this accomplishment goes to the staff and management of Monterey Mechanical Company,” He added that the construction work on the new Brentwood WTP of the highest quality.”