Alternative Delivery Methods

Alternative Project Delivery

Monterey Mechanical is experienced in alternative project delivery methods including design-build, construction management at risk (CM/GC), and integrated project delivery.

Design-Build: When you work with a design-build team led by Monterey Mechanical, your project will be designed and built by the best in the industry. We partner with well-regarded engineering firms. We facilitate collaboration with the designer and owner and utilize our wide-ranging capabilities to deliver innovative engineering solutions.

Construction Management at Risk (CM/GC): During the design phase, Monterey Mechanical’s expertise is an asset to the owner and design engineer to identify project risks, provide cost projections and refine the project schedule. The collaborative process fosters innovation and flexibility, improves constructability and provides cost control and cost certainty while achieving an accelerated project delivery.

Integrated Project Delivery: Monterey Mechanical is keenly aware of project benefits achievable through IPD. At the infancy stage of the project, Monterey Mechanical leads a collaborative process among primary team members and disciplines effectively aligning interests, objectives and practices to optimize project delivery by faster delivery and lower costs.

Our reputation for the safe delivery of quality projects on time and within budget is well established across all delivery methods.